Background Check

Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation is committed to providing the highest quality experience for our participants, volunteers, and staff. Consequently, we have a responsibility to select the most qualified individuals to work with us. Our application forms, review of references, and interview procedures have all been part of the process that we have used to be sure we have the most qualified people working with us and exclude from the organization those who pose a risk to our community.

We use the protocol recommended by the National Alliance for Youth Sports to prevent harm and to protect the personal security of everyone involved with Maine Adaptive. As part of this protocol, all Board Members, staff, and volunteers will be required to submit to a criminal history background check.

Through DSUSA, we have partnered with the National Center for Safety Initiatives to conduct these background checks. The initial fee is $20, which will cover two years of background checks. If additional research or follow up is needed, those fees will increase. Although Maine Adaptive realizes this is an additional expense for the organization, we also know that it is very important for the safety and protection of all.

If you are willing to cover the cost of your own background check, you may do so by clicking on the link below. Any assistance you are willing to provide will help us defray the annual cost of this effort, which will be approximately $5,000. If you do chose to help us, in any amount, you will receive our heartfelt thanks! To start the process you will be directed to a letter that will give you detailed instructions.

Click here to donate to cover the fees

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Before you start the process, please be sure to have a driver’s license or official I.D. handy; a list of recent addresses; and a way to take a picture or upload your license.

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