Volunteer Benefits

We appreciate all of the hard work and time you spend with Maine Adaptive and the participants.  We hope that you take advantage of some of the benefits associated with being a Maine Adaptive Volunteer.  You must return your winter uniform by May 1st to take advantage of these for the following winter.


Through Experticity.com Maine Adaptive Volunteers now have access to discounted clothing and equipment from over 250 vendors.

To renew an existing experticity account, just email Lizz at lpeacock@maineadaptive.org.  To set up a new account follow these steps:

1. Go to: Experticity.com
2. Click on “Use a Code”
3. Enter code: 26AB-E3EA-DAED-F443
4. Follow the instructions to create a login.
5. Once I get the application, I approve it and you get an email saying you are all set to start shopping.

*You may not, under any circumstances, share your purchasing privileges with anyone. This includes spouses, friends, relatives, or co-workers.  This is extremely important.  We will lose our affiliation with companies if they feel they are being misused.

*Your pro purchase privileges are between you and the manufacturer. Should you feel the need to brag to someone about the “great deal” you are getting, don’t. You qualified for the program as a professional, and we assume you will honor the integrity of the program.


Outdoor Pro Link!

As a volunteer for Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation you qualify for pro deals (deep discounts between 25-55% off of retail) from over 80 outdoor gear manufacturers. This is facilitated via a free membership with the pro deal company Outdoor Prolink. This is another great perk of volunteering for Maine Adaptive.

To begin participating in this program please complete the following steps:
1- Go to www.outdoorprolink.com
2- Complete the registration form that is linked on the right side of OPL’s home page labeled; Get Started
3- Please indicate that you work (even though you volunteer) for Maine Adaptive in the employment section.
4- At the bottom of the form input the code “MASC2162” into the box “Promotion Code”
5- You DO NOT need to provide any supporting information. Utilizing the code above is your proof of eligibility. Even if prompted via a confirmation email, you do not need to provide any supporting documents.

Key things to know:
1- Accounts with OPL are individual (each person will need to register separately)
2- Pro deals are ONLY for the personal use of the registered person. You cannot under any circumstances order product for someone else. This is closely monitored by OPL and the brands. Any violation will result in an immediate loss of benefit.
3- Your OPL Membership is free and yours while you remain in good standing with Maine Adaptive
4- Pro deal access is being provided by OPL and their brand partners as a thank you for what you do in support of getting people outdoors.
5- Approval of a completed registration form usually occurs within 48 to 72 hours of submission

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or this benefit please contact apply@outdoorprolink.com


Winter Volunteer Local Discount Program

This is a growing program with local restaurants and businesses.  A number of area vendors have offered discounts and promotions for Maine Adaptive Volunteers who present the Volunteer ID Card during the winter. If you have not received a card for the season please contact Lizz at the office or  lpeacock@maineadaptive.org and she will get one to you.

Check out the list below for this winter’s participating businesses. If you know of a business that supports Maine Adaptive please let us know so that we can spread the word and support them as well.  And check the list for any new additions throughout the winter.

Season Passes

Boyne is offering returning Maine Adaptive Volunteers the early season rate on Season Passes.  In addition Maine Adaptive is offering a subsidy to cover part of the cost  You must be a returning volunteer who volunteered 10 days the previous year and are signing up for at least 10 days in the upcoming winter (does not include training) to qualify for the Maine Adaptive priced passes. The pass you buy must cover the majority of the days you volunteer (ie: if you are a Sunday Volunteer you will need to buy at least a Silver pass through Maine Adaptive).    Passes must be purchased in October only, through Lizz.  If you call Sunday River or Sugarloaf they will not be able to sell you a pass at these prices.  

 Volunteer Season Pass Packet 2020

If you volunteered 15-19 days last winter and are returning for at least your 3rd winter and will volunteer over 15 days again- We will buy you a Bronze Pass, or give you that amount in a subsidy towards a Silver or Gold Pass.  If you volunteered over 20 days last winter and are coming back for at least your 3rd year to volunteer 20 or more days, we will buy you a Silver Pass, or give you that amount in a subsidy towards a Gold Pass.


  1. When do I purchase the pass? In October.

  2. Where do I buy the pass? From Lizz at Maine Adaptive.

  3. If I call Sunday River or Sugarloaf can I get the Maine Adaptive pricing? No, they cannot sell our pass directly to you. You must go through Lizz for these passes.

  4. Is there a deadline to by the pass? Yes, You must buy your pass from Lizz BEFORE October 30th.

  5. Can a new volunteer get a season pass subsidy? No, you need to have been a volunteer the year before in order to request the subsidy.

  6. I am a Sunday volunteer, can I buy a Bronze Pass through Maine Adaptive? No, We can only subsidize a pass that covers the majority of your volunteer days. A weekend volunteer would need to buy at least a Silver pass. A mid-week volunteer may buy a Silver or Gold pass if they wanted to.