Participation in all Maine Adaptive programs is subject to review and evaluation by Maine Adaptive staff. All instruction is free of charge and by appointment.

Guidelines for Participation

To participate in Maine Adaptive programming, an individual must:

  • Have a permanent disability
  • Be age 4 or older
  • If the student is a minor or have a guardian/caregiver, the guardian/caregiver must be accessible to program staff while the student is participating in the program.
  • Be seizure free for 3 months and stable on medication; in all cases of identified seizures, however, based on the nature of the activity and a review of the physician statement and medical history, Maine Adaptive may adopt appropriate program procedures to allow or preclude program participation.
  • Understand that s/he is participating with Maine Adaptive
  • Be able to actively participate & engage appropriately in the lesson
  • Provide necessary supervision and assistance for all non-lesson time

Additional Summer program paddle requirements:

  • Meet program participant guidelines and have current paperwork complete
  • Be able to breathe independently, not require medical devices to sustain breathing
  • Be able to hold head upright without head/neck support
  • Be able to maintain closed mouth/lips while under water
  • Be able to turn from face down to face up independently in water, while wearing a properly fitted life vest
  • Have the ability to remain seated and balanced in a boat (with or without adaptive equipment)
  • At Maine Adaptive paddling lessons, you will be asked to perform these skills. In order to participate in a River Trip or Coastal Paddle, you must possess these skills as well as successfully execute a wet exit independently.

*First-time participants will begin with a half-day assessment lesson. The assessment will evaluate if a participant meets our program guidelines. If it is determined that the individual does not meet the guidelines for participation in Maine Adaptive, referrals to other adaptive recreation organizations can be made. 


Transportation to all activities is ultimately the responsibility of the participant. The goal of Maine Adaptive is to get individuals active, so they can enjoy sports with their family and friends independently. However, one way people get to lessons is by carpooling with volunteers or other participants. We can provide you with the names and phone numbers of people in your area that would be willing to provide transportation. All you have to do is contact us!

For more information, contact us!