Ski-A-Thon a big success

Posted on March 30, 2014

Our 29th annual Ski-A-Thon was a success and continues to be a celebration to remember! The event, held on Saturday, March 29th, served as a culmination to a wonderful winter season and offered a touching tribute to our beloved co-founder, Dr. Omar “Chip” Crothers, who left a lasting legacy and a foundation for each of us to carry forward.

Here are just a few highlights:

Together, we raised more than $328,000 by more than 90 fundraising teams of five members each. In addition, we welcomed $35,000 in event sponsorship and nearly $40,000 worth of support from Sunday River Resorts. We anticipate our overall numbers will grow as additional pledges arrive in the weeks to come, helping to make this one of the most successful Ski-A-Thons in our event history. We are forever grateful for the support of so many who have helped to ensure that our programs will continue.


The “Ski With Chip” theme was present throughout and offered a unifying reflection opportunity for all. The commemorative tokens were proudly displayed by many and the Maine Adaptive story campaign helped to capture thoughts, words of wisdom and the shared importance of the program to each and every one of us. As a community, we were touched and honored to be joined by Chip’s family, beloved co-founder Les Otten as well as our founding participant Kim Salzmann and her family. Thank you all for speaking from the heart and sharing your stories with us. Interested in reliving the day? Check out this link and enjoy the slideshow once again.


2014 Maine Adaptive Ski-A-Thon

2014 Maine Adaptive Ski-A-Thon


As always, a special thanks to our amazing Event partners, volunteers and fundraisers for their enormous efforts and generous support!